Saturday, March 30, 2013

Ashlie goes to Magic Mountain

February 9, 2013 - Ashlie got invited to go with a friend for her birthday to Magic Mountain.  It was her first time ever to go there!  She had so much fun!  Thanks Cambria for inviting her :)

Tyler is a lunch worker

February 25, 2013 - Tyler got to be a lunch worker for the first time today at school.  He worked at the veggie bar :)

Going Backwards

Well, I am officially caught up with my blog chronologically :)  Now, I'm going back through some other pictures and sticking some in that I might have missed along the way, so I'm sorry if I accidentally get a few out of order :(

Rock Band and Cakes ;)

March 29, 2013 - Yesterday I had a couple of friends over and we made the cutest Easter cakes together.  While we baked the kids played Rock Band and then we had a play off at the end of the day!  Of course the adults won cause we are cool :)


On Tuesday this week I took the kids to the cheap skate at Roller Towne.  We had so much fun!  That was the first time I had skated in over 20 years and I didn't fall one single time!!! 

Spring Break Project

March 2013 - So this was my spring break project I tackled.  Took me one entire day but I was super proud of myself for completing the entire project :)  The wall was already green, I just added the black chevron to it!

My Best Friend

March 19, 2013 - So thankful I'm married to my best friend ~ I can't imagine dealing with life's daily frustrations without him!!! I mean look at that cute face...what's not to love right??? (Even when he's only had 2 hours of sleep!!!)

Sari's Sweet 16

March 7, 2013 - Wow! Where have 16 years gone???  I can't believe she is 16 already!  She has become a beautiful young lady and we are so blessed to have her in our family!

We celebrated big this year!  You have to right???  So...I started planning at Christmas time for this shindig!  We did the Amazing Race!  We had a blast!  The kids had 11 stops to go to - everything from playing Happy Birthday on the piano to getting birthday cards signed at the mall!  When they completed all of the tasks they came back to our house for pizza, cake and we watched the slide show of all of the pictures their drivers took of them that night!  We had soooo much fun!

We actually did her parties the weekend before her birthday.  We were busy the weekend after. We had lots of fun celebrating Sari's birthday (we always do)!!!

So the day of her birthday she woke up to balloon streamers covering her bedroom doorway.  Her seminary teacher took donuts for breakfast :)  When she came home Tyler and I had taped balloons to the garage door in the #16 - then...she got to go out on her first date :)  Craig asked her out (properly) for her first date.  He asked her about 2 weeks before her birthday.  I helped her get dressed up nice and fix her hair and make up.  She looked so pretty.  She said she was nervous :)  Craig opened her doors for her and showed her how a true gentleman would treat her.  He took her to a nice dinner that night at a restaurant she had never been to before.  Then...they were going to order dessert but before they could the waitress surprised them with a slice of cheesecake for them to share :)  How sweet!  And Craig gave her a sweet little heart necklace that has a key that fits inside the heart.  He kept the key and told her that when she gets married he will give the key to her husband :)  Awww...she felt so special!  She was so excited when she got home that night :)  She came in telling me all about her first date :)  I'm glad she had so much fun!!!

 Craig helping her into the truck :)

On their way out the door for their date!

Party decorations and the cake for the Amazing Race!

Tyler's Timeline

February 21, 2013 - Tyler had to make a timeline for school from the time he was born until present.  It needed to include many of the things he has learned to do over the past 7 years.  We had a lot of fun working on this together!

2nd Proposal

February 16, 2013 - I guess all of the love in the air has gotten to Tyler :)  I woke up to this note laying beside me this morning :) 

Valentines Day

February 14, 2013 - This isn't exactly my favorite holiday - I think that if you can only show your love one day a year then you have a major problem.  But my hubby is the best and he just makes this time of year a little extra special for me!  He had to work on Valentines so we went out the day before - it was perfect :) 

Two days before Valentines my sister and friend Debbie were over and we were making cookies for kiddos.  The doorbell rang and Debbie went to answer it.  She's all excited because it was a delivery man.  Her and Jennifer brought the package inside and realized it was from a flower company.  So they opened the box all excited to find beautiful flowers inside!  They were so excited - they got them out, found a vase, and even put the flower food in for me :)  When they found the card they were so kind to let me read it first :)  They said it was probably the only flowers they would get for Valentines and they loved them so much!  So I guess Craig got a 3 for 1 with those flowers :)

He also got me a pedicure and I got him a foot massage - :) 


February 9, 2013 - CCBR again today :)  These 2 did great today! They placed 2nd in 4D barrels and 3rd in 3D poles 2 ~ woohoo Sari & Buddy!!!

Gymkhana Day

January 26, 2013 - Sari had a gymkhana today - won reserve hi-point (2nd place for the day) in her division and multiple ribbons in the different events :) 

Hubby Love

January 22, 2013 - My hubby sent me this today :)  He's so sweet :)

Tyler knocked out his own tooth!

January 19, 2013 - Tyler has had a loose tooth on the bottom for quite some time.  The adult tooth is almost fully grown in behind the baby tooth but he still won't pull that tooth out.  So tonight we went to dinner at BT's with my parents.  My mom was teasing him and said that she wanted to punch him in the mouth and knock it out.  He went running away from her screaming no!  So then he says that he will do it himself.  All of the adults were visiting and next thing I know Tyler is yelling and his tooth is laying on the floor.  I guess he was being silly and decided to punch himself in the mouth, when he did, he actually knocked his tooth out and it landed on the floor :)


January 17, 2013 - We took the kids bowling today.  It was Tyler's first time bowling besides on the Wii.  Neither of the girls had bowled in a very long time.  We didn't put up the gutters during the first game and we were all coming away feeling a little poorly - but then we learned and had them put up the gutters for us!  We were all much more successful after that!  We had a great time and then went to pizza afterwards!  It was so fun spending the day with the family!

Birthday Time for the Sis

January 13, 2013 - Today was my sister's birthday!  The big 3-5!!!  So I took her to lunch with our friends Debbie and Tami!  We had sooo much fun!


And of course, Ice Cream for dessert :)


January 8, 2013 - Since Sari has started using Buddy from our friend Bethany she has introduced Sari to a new competition group.  Sari generally competes in CGA Gymkhana's (and she still will) but now she is also competing in a group called CCBR (California Christian Barrel Racers). 

The only run 2 events - Barrels and Poles 2.  The winners are split into a 4D jackpot - They take the fastest time of the day and the winners are divided into 4 groups down from there.  So it gives more people the opportunity to win. 

Today - Sari won 1st place in the 4d!  That means she earned another check :)  Awesome job Sari!

 It was very cold outside today so I ended up parking my car right beside the arena (thank goodness) and so I sat in the back end most of the day.  My toes were colder than my fingers though so I just stuck my gloves on over my socks to try to keep my piggies warm :)

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Train Ride

January 10, 2013 - Time for another train ride!  We love the train but mostly the fun memories we make while we are on the train with our friends!!!  The pictures aren't in order  but we still had fun regardless of the order the pictures are put!  Today was extra fun because Ashlie's friend Sydney came with us and it was her 13th birthday!  So we got to celebrate ALL DAY!!!  We even sang to her at the exact minute she was born while we ate ice cream! 

 Tyler chowing down on ice cream from Superior Dairy while Logan has a brain freeze!

 Adults L to R:  Stephanie, Jamie, Me, Tiffany (Back), Debbie (Front), Yoly

 Tyler and Logan still with a brain freeze :)

Before the brain freeze!

 Sydney just left talking to the conductor

 Tyler & Logan

 Sari holding Rowan - Rowan fell in love with Sari that day and didn't hardly let her go!

 Tyler and Logan just finished talking to the conductor and they are telling us that the conductor let them pull the train whistle

 Ashlie, Sydney, and Cambria

 Rowan and Sari

 Kiddos L to R: Sydney, Ashlie, Sari (Back), Cambria (Front), Connor, Valen, Keelen, Logan, Tyler, Rowan, & Gus

 Tyler & Logan

 Ashlie & Sydney

 Hanging out on the train, Ashlie is wearing her headband as glasses

 Our crew at lunch

 On the train, Jamie, Debbie, Me, Stephanie

 Tyler & Logan

 More train

 Happy Birthday to Sydney!

 Waiting on our ice cream at Superior Dairy!

 Ice Cream is served!

 Happy Birthday to Sydney again!