Friday, July 9, 2010

Taking a Train Ride

We went on another train ride. My sister and her kids and my mom went with us. We had a great time! I'm a little sad that now that Tyler is starting school we won't be able to do it as easily. I guess there is always summer vacations!

Michael, Tyler & Brooklyn

Ashlie & Ezra

We had to get proof of Mikey & Tyler hugging lol!

Our 15th Anniversary

Craig and I celebrated our 15th anniversary the end of June. I can't believe it has been 15 years!!! We went to San Francisco for a couple of days! We had a blast. On our actual anniversary we walked over the Golden Gate Bridge! That was really fun to be able to say that we have done that! That evening we were also able to see the musical Wicked! Wow!!! Need I say more??? We had a great time and we certainly weren't quite ready to come home, but we did. I can't believe that 15 years has passed so quickly.

Ashlie's Dance Recital

Here is Ashlie at her dance recital. She has been taking dance for about 5 years now and loves it! She danced in tap, jazz, and ballet this year. She might also start doing hip hop this coming year.

Craig's Birthday

Ashlie's dance recital fell on the same day as Craig's birthday again this year. We had a variety of other things going at the same time including a funeral for my aunt. I wanted him to have a special birthday but I just couldn't figure out when to do it. So we decided to surprise him about 4 days before his birthday. The day before while he was at work the kids helped me and we made his cake. It is an iPhone. We hid it under Ashlie's bed so he wouldn't see it. The next day he was off but luckily had a meeting at work in the afternoon. While he was gone to his meeting the kids and I cleaned up around the house and decorated. My family came over and was here when he got home from his meeting. He was surprised! We had a fun time relaxing and being able to spend an evening celebrating him! On his actual birthday I took him to lunch and he spent the day relaxing. That's what he loves to do :)

Batman Tyler

Tyler has been a little partial to Batman over the last year or so - trains still take precedence but he has had an intriguing interest in Batman. My Aunt went to Magic Mountain and brought this home for Tyler! He loves it!

Another Trip to AZ

We love being able to spend time with our family - and especially when it involves sending off or welcoming home a missionary! We were able to head back to Arizona the end of May to send off another nephew on his mission. That makes 3 in 6 months time! We had soooo much fun!

On our way there we were able to stop in a city where one of our nephews is already serving his mission. We were not able to see him but we met a lady that he knows in the area and she was able to accept some yummy cupcakes to give to him! This is a picture of the area where he is at. It is right on top of the Grapevine headed to LA.

This is a picture of our nephew Josh helping at a yard sale.

Mikey, Connor, and Tyler going for a swim.

Tyler getting read to squirt someone.

Uncle Chris, Ashlie, and Tyler above water

Ashlie & Tyler

Sari & Ashlie

The gang watching the swimmers - L to R Glenn, Jeri, Gail, Alexandra

While we were there I "attempted" to teach my sil's a little about cookie decorating :) Not sure how much I taught them but we had a BlAsT!!! And the cookies were delicious!!!

Tyler Doesn't Nap Anymore

When I had my foot surgery I wasn't able to get up and down the stairs so many days I had to attempt to put Tyler down on the couch for his nap. That didn't work so well and he ended up pretty much not taking naps anymore. But some days he still really needs one! I guess this particular day he did because I found him on top of all of the couch cushions on the floor crashed out! He slept for nearly 1 1/2 hours like this!

Sari's Young Woman's Project

Sari is working very hard at doing her personal progress at church. It is a program designed specifically to help young girls as they mature to develop new talents and to learn how to rely on the Lord. There are several little items you have to complete under each value and then there is one large project. Sari decided she wanted to learn how to make a cake so she helped me with her cousins cake. She did a great job!!!

Manicure Time

Ashlie loves to treat us special! This particular day I got a manicure :)

Tyler Gets Cold

I found Tyler like this one day, funny thing is it was in the 80's outside lol! I guess his hands were still cold!

Family Night

Every week we have family night together. We sing songs, have a short lesson, have a fun activity, and it always includes a dessert! Everyone takes turns doing the lessons including Tyler although he always has a helper. This week Ashlie helped him. They drew pictures together that went with a story they read. She is helping him hold up the right picture! I think it is so fun to see them working together :)


I brought cupcakes to my sisters house and all of the kids gathered around the table to eat up! I think they enjoyed them, don't you???

Tyler Goes To The Dentist


Tyler is very concerned about the health of his teeth! He makes sure to brush every morning and every night, he uses mouth wash, and he flosses regularly! He loves to read books and watch tv programs about keeping your teeth clean! He went recently to the dentist for his 6 month check up and was happy the dentist told him he was doing a good job brushing. Craig was at work so we had to take pictures of all the stuff he got from the dentist and send to him so he could see!