Sunday, March 28, 2010

Face painting!!!

We went to a birthday party for my cousins twins who were turning 2. She had hired a clown who did face painting. Tyler was so excited for the clown to show up. He was first in line and wanted her to make him Batman. He was so excited!

Of course he had to make the "Batman" face :)

Ashlie was a Pop Diva :)

Response Magazine

This is a local magazine that gets published and mailed to the community monthly. It features stories all medical related. This month the hospital got a new trauma designation so they put a group of ER nurses, techs, docs etc on the cover and then there was a write up in the magazine regarding the new trauma designation. Craig was featured in both pictures :)

Tyler The Artist

Tyler has discovered how to create his own designs now when coloring. He hasn't always enjoyed coloring. It has only been in the last few months that he has really even colored in coloring books. He has always been much more into building with trains and blocks and things.

So it is cute to see him design little things now and give them to people. I think he learns that from Ashlie. She loves to draw us pictures.

Here are a few of Tyler's recent pictures!

This is a pictures of a house and sun that Tyler made for his cousin Ezra.

This is a rocket ship Tyler made for Dad.

This is a square Tyler drew for his cousin Isaac (he is 19 years old).

This is a picture of a heart Tyler drew for his cousin Josh (he is also 19 years old).

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Ashlie is a Millionaire!

Ashlie is a Millionaire!!!

Well, at least she had read a million words this year! At her school once they have reached the million mark they receive a new t-shirt and a gift card to Borders, to buy new books!

Sari's Birthday Cake/Cupcakes

Here are some pictures of Sari's birthday treats!

She is too big now to do just one party with friends and family so we had the "cool" friend party on Saturday with a Twilight theme! I did Ice Cream Cupcakes with Twilight fondant pieces for the tops.

Then Sunday after church we did a family party and so I made a cake in the shape of her favorite horse she rides named Chester.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Happy Birthday Sari!!!

Today is my Sari bo Bari's 13th birthday! My goodness, where has the time gone??? It seems like just yesterday she was toddling around with a little pony tail on the top and her chubby cheeks! Kind of scary to think that in just a split second she has become a teenager!!!

When Sari was born she was only 5lb 13oz! So tiny! The newborn clothes just swallowed her up, we went out and bought some preemie stuff - which lasted her about 2 weeks lol! Once Sari started growing she didn't stop :) Craig is a little concerned that she is going to pass him up! And she probably will!

Our Sari is the sweetest thing ever! We love going to meet her teachers because that is the first thing every one of them say, "Sari is so sweet!" Sari is a very kind person, she makes friends easily and everyone always wants to be her friend. She is a good example to everyone (including me) of what a good friend should be like. She is very considerate of other peoples feelings and thoughts. Although sometimes the teenage hormones kick in at home and we have our occasional moments :)

Sari is growing up to be a beautiful young lady. She is strong in her beliefs and not easily swayed. She has high standards and values and lives up to them. We love having Sari in our family! She is the best first child anyone could ever ask for! I find at times that I sit and reflect on all of the things that I've done wrong in parenting her, then I realize Heavenly Father must have known I would make those mistakes so he sent Sari first. She is so forgiving and loving! Always quick to help in anyway she can.

Sari is a great big sister to her brother and sister. They are lucky to have her!

Happy Birthday to my first teenage daughter! May Heavenly Father bless our home through the teenage years that we all come out in one piece :)

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Registered For Kindergarten

I am really not sure where the last almost 5 years have gone!!! Somehow they have just disappeared out from under me and now my sweet baby is a big boy! We just registered him yesterday for kindergarten! He is very excited, of course he thought he was going to get to go there today! He found a dinosaur book he looked at while we were waiting in line to turn in our paperwork. He thought it was pretty cool they had so many books he had never seen before. He is also very excited that he will get to go to Ashlie's school with her! So now we start the countdown til August 19th :(