Wednesday, March 26, 2008

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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Day

It was fun waking up to excited girls to see what the Easter Bunny had brought them. Down the stairs we went, me first with the camera!!! Sari obviously has a hard time smiling early in the morning and Ashlie obviously had a rough night in bed (we were told that sometimes Princesses do), Tyler decided to sleep in and we've learned it is better to leave a sleeping Tyler asleep. So he didn't enjoy his Easter Basket until about 15 minutes before church. That is why he is already dressed!!! We heard several times this was their best Easter ever, I'm sure it was the new toothbrushes!!!

Coloring Easter Eggs

After our train ride and a 3 hour nap we attempted coloring Easter eggs!! Things went fairly smooth and the kids really enjoyed themselves. Tyler's favorite part was throwing the eggs in the dye. We ended up with several cracked eggs thanks to Tyler, it was funny watching the girls be so careful and Tyler just doing whatever.

Train Ride with a Terrible 2 Year Old

Well, we woke up Saturday to a phone call with the suggestion of a train ride. Feeling glum about the prospect of vacation laundry and statistics homework I decided to go for it. Craig was working so me and the three kids got ready and off we went! Things seemed to go pretty smoothly and normal until we got to the train station in Hanford. I've learned a trick about buying our tickets, if I wait until I get there I can get a commuter ticket for all of us and it saves tons of $$. So my mom and I head up to the counter where we battle 2 two-year olds (Tyler and my nephew Ezra), at one point they were both screaming so loudly that neither my mom nor I could hear the clerk. Finally I figured out he was telling me that we couldn't do a commuter ticket because it was a holiday weekend (duh!!!) and the train was almost full. So 15 minutes, 2 two-year old temper tantrums and $60 later we had 2 adults and 4 childrens train tickets. Things went pretty smoothly after that. We boarded the train and amazingly enough even with a full train we found seats all pretty close together. All of the pictures are of the trip to Fresno. Once in Fresno we walked to a little Mexican Restaurant a block away and attempted lunch. That is when everything went downhill fast. The first incident was Tyler throwing the whole basket of tortilla chips all over. Okay, two year olds can be ornery, we can deal with this. Not 2 minutes later the stuffed animals start flying around the table. I decide at this point I need to be sitting by Tyler. I get the stuffed animals stowed away and clear the table of any debris that could be thrown by little hands. Throughout the ordering and waiting process he attempted numerous tries to climb under, over and around the table, but I was able to maintain control and keep him seated by me. Then the food arrived. He never eats his meal when we order him his own, he wants ours, so we just share now. Of course he wanted nothing to do with mine. Ezra was nice enough to share his quesadilla! It wasn't 3 minutes into the meal when he decides we need some excitement, so in one whoosh of his hand he sent Sari's full soda cup flying across the table showering all within the vicinity. It was dripping from tables and chairs, luckily no one got too much on them personally. We try to keep the swats on the bottom to a minimum so when they get them they mean something, needless to say, I swatted his bottom. It took all the napkins on two tables and 4 adults to get the mess cleaned up. He pretty much had decided from that point on he wanted nothing to do with food. So he sat there for the rest of lunch pushing every button I had. He has this shrill scream that just pierces your ears, so he would sit beside me and scream so everyone in the restaurant would look. I would try to cover his mouth and muffle the sound but you can only do so much. Finally, I was able to get him contained on my lap until he figured out all he had to do was straighten his legs and push backwards and he could send his head flying into my mouth and chin. After nearly biting my tongue off, I decided that wasn't working either, so I decided to pull out the big guns and start threatening! "You are going home and straight to bed and you aren't getting up until your Dad gets home from work!" I don't really think it phased him too much but I felt better after saying it :) Luckily, I think the waitress knew it was time to pay so we were able to get out of there without too much more of a commotion. The train ride home seemed to be without incident and he fell asleep as soon as we got in the car. After that kind of a day I think it might be a while before we attempt another train ride without Dad!!!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Our Week at Disneyland!!!

Wow, we had so much fun!!! Of course the girls had a good time and rode lots and lots of rides, but real joy came from watching Tyler in awe!!! It is such an enchanting place anyways, but then to experience it with a 2 1/2 year old was almost magical. He was completely amazed by everything. Of course, his favorite ride was the train that takes you in a circle around Disneyland, which techinically isn't even a ride. He also enjoyed riding Casey Jr's animal train, we sat in the Monkey Car. Ashlie was finally tall enough to get to ride the roller coasters. Her favorite was the Matterhorn. She wanted to keep riding that one. Sari and Craig had lots of fun going on the Tower of Terror and California Screamin'!!! My favorite was watching Fantasmic and the Fireworks with the kids!!! We had lots of fun, ate lots of churros and finished our trip off with a stop by the Tiki Room and some Fresh Pineapple Whips!!! What a yummy trip!!! :)

Sari's Basketball Ceremony

Well, we've ended basketball! Sari had a great time and made new friends. It was fun because one of the guys Craig works with had a son on the same team, so we all sat and visited! After the 6 weeks of games they had a ceremony and each of the kids got an award. Craig and I had class that night so we didn't get to go :( but Papa went for us and took some pictures. Here are a couple. Basketball was so fun she decided to do tennis, so be watching for fun pictures of Sari playing tennis!!!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Train Show

There was a way fun model train show in Bakersfield the weekend of Sari's birthday, so we said what the heck, we'll go spend $150 on gas and food so Tyler can see some model trains. Yeah!!! We had so much fun. Chris & Jenny and Elizabeth went with us too. We had lots of fun and bought some fun trains for Tyler!!!

Friday, March 7, 2008

Party - Party - Party!!!

Fun, Fun, Fun, that is all Sari wanted. So we had a repeat of last year with better games!!! We did a hot tub party with chocolate fountain and everyone played DDR, pool, and air hockey!!! Lots of fun. The kids were all sad when their parents showed up to take them home. Sari had lots of fun and that is all that matters!!! Happy Birthday Sari!!!

Happy 11th Birthday Sari!!!

I can't believe that 11 years has flown by so quickly. Today is Sari's birthday and so we partied!!! We started out with pancakes for breakfast (we never have pancakes on a school day)!! We all got up early and made the pancakes then went up and woke Sari by singing Happy Birthday with a candle in her pancakes!!! Lots of fun. We got her a new bike and so we let her have it first thing this morning so she hurried and got ready for school so she could take her bike on a little spin!!!

Ashlie at Dance Class

This last week was viewing week at Dance Class. I forgot the camera on Monday which was ballet but I got some cute shots of Tuesday which was Tap & Jazz. Ashlie has been dancing for 4 years now and really loves it. I think mostly she loves the recitals with all of the pretty costumes!!!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Another Train Ride

Well, we found ourselves once again on the train. This time, along with Grandma & Papa, the Greats joined us. We had lots of fun once again. Everyone seems to have fun just seeing Tyler's enthuisiasm!!!