Thursday, December 27, 2007

Merry Christmas!!!

We had a great Christmas this year!!! Santa must of thought we were all very good! We opened gifts at grandma & papa's this year a couple of days before Christmas. We were all surprised with tickets for Disneyland. Yeah!! Craig had to work on Christmas Eve day so I headed to Porterville with the kids to hang out with the Greats and the Grans!! We had a good time there and headed home just in time to meet Craig when he got off work. We had a fun evening at home as a family reading about the birth of Christ and getting ready for Santa!! Then Christmas Day we started bright and early as we discovered Santa had come to the Dixon House. Sari got a Nintendo DS with lots of games, Ashlie got a 3 story doll house complete with elevator, and Tyler got a motorized Quad to terrorize the girls with!!! We also got a 3 in 1 game table from Grandma & Grandpa that we can play pool, table tennis and air hockey on!! So we played and played and played some more until it was time to go eat at Jen's house!!! We had lots of fun together. We hope each of you had a great time with friends and family also!!! Merry Christmas to you from the Dixon gang!!

Friday, December 21, 2007

A Blurb about me!!

I forgot probably the funniest bit of info about me in my post!!

I have my drywall contractors license for the state of CA and I decorate cakes. Craig and I laugh that we are probably the only couple in the state that the wife is a drywall contractor who decorates cakes and the husband is a nurse, Lol!!! Just thought I would throw that tidbit of info out there. Soon, however, I will be a Drywall contractor who decorates cakes while offering marriage and family therapy!!! Ooh, that's a scary thought, huh!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

I've Been Tagged

Well, thanks to Tiff I have officially been tagged. I'm sure most of you know all of this fun stuff about me but for those of you who don't, enjoy!!!

1. I love the rain. I love to watch the rain come down and to be out in the rain!! I especially like to curl up on the couch with a good book or a girly movie that makes the tears come all nestled in a comfy blanket sipping hot chocolate while it pours rain outside!!

2. I've decided to go back to school! I'm very nervous because I haven't been to school in almost 13 years but I think it is time. I'm excited!! I've decided to major in Psychology and I want to get my Bachelors Degree in Marriage/Family Counseling. I know it will be a long haul and since I am just going part time it will be even longer but I'm really excited to do this. I've always been interested in marriage and family relations books and parenting books etc. I think it will be way fun and my family will most certainly benefit!!! Craig has been very supportive of me wanting to do this. In fact, my first class I'm taking is Intro to Statistics so he signed up to take the class with me. I think it will be so fun to do it together, plus he can help me with my homework. Lol!!!

3. My dream vacation would be a trip to New England in the fall. I've always been intrigued by that area and have always wanted to go there. I love the fall and you always see such beautiful pictures of the leaves and trees.

4. I love to play word games like Boggle. I love to do wordsearch puzzles too. In fact a couple of years ago Craig got me a one year subscription to a wordsearch puzzle book. That was so fun to get a new one every month. I'm still working on finishing all those books. I also like playing Sudoku. I even have Sudoku on my phone so whenever I'm stuck somewhere I can always pull out my phone and play.

5. I don't really watch tv except for House!!! I love to watch House. Although I like the first couple of seasons the most because they were actually about medical problems. Now it seems like it is just turning into a nighttime soap opera but hopefully since the writers on all on strike they'll come back with better ideas!!!

6. I've learned a lot about myself this year. I've learned that I can handle more than I think that I can. I've learned I've got a huge support system that is there anytime I need it. I've learned that I have the best family and friends you could ask for!! Most importantly though, I've truly learned that my Father in Heaven loves me!! I have had miracles happen in my life and I can't help but feel truly blessed and humbled by all of it!!

Well, I guess that is me!!! I'm hoping to add lots and lots of my friends and family's blogs to my page so I guess you all need to get in gear and create blogs. When you create it you can all be tagged!!! Hope you have fun and thanks Tiff!!!

We've been elved!!!

Click on this link to see the three cutest elves ever!!!

Visiting with Chris & Jenny

We had lots of fun going to San Jose to visit with Chris, Jenny & Elizabeth. We went up on Wednesday afternoon and just kind of hung out since Chris & Jenny had plans. We took the kids to go see Alvin & The Chipmunks. The kids thought it was so funny!!! On Thursday morning we got up and went to Chris & Jenny's and ate breakfast. We visited for a little bit while they opened their presents from us then we went to lunch at a fun BBQ restaurant. After we ate we went to the park and played for a while in the sunshine. We had a good time and it was fun to see them. Elizabeth especially had fun with the girls, she kept asking about Ashlie. Of course Tyler was fascinated with all of Uncle Chris' trains!!!

Sari Getting an Academic Award

Well, once again we found ourselves being invited to attend another assembly. Sari received an award for Language Arts. She is standing on the bleachers in the front row on the left. Yeah for Sari!!!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Ashlie's Christmas Dance Recital

Tonight was Ashlie's Christmas Dance Recital!! This was her first year in the big girls recital so she was a little nervous. She did so good and looked so pretty!! She had three different dances including tap, jazz and ballet. They were all done to the Disneyland Christmas Parade Soundtrack. Congrats on a great job Ash!!! However, I think the best part of the evening was the fact that we hired a babysitter for Tyler so we actually all got to sit and watch the recital, yeah!!! Afterwards we picked up Tyler and took the kids to Baskin Robbins for ice cream to celebrate!!

Sunday, December 9, 2007

All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth!!!

Ashlie is singing this song loud and clear!!! She has lost 3 teeth in about 2 weeks time, 2 of which are her front teeth on top!! Although the tooth fairy rewarded her quite generously!!!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Christmas Parade

If you've ever been in town for Thanksgiving you know about the Christmas Parade. It has been a tradition since I was a little girl to go to the parade every year. And so we've carried on the tradition with all of our kids and anyone else who wants to join us!!! We saw lots of fun floats and the kids were all in heaven!! Sari saw lots and lots of horses, Ashlie saw beautiful dancers and princesses and Tyler saw lots of trucks!!! We had a great time eating cotton candy and drinking hot chocolate.

Turkey Day

We had Thanksgiving Dinner at our house. Just a few close family and friends (about 20 people, lol)!! We cleared the Black Friday Ads off the table just long enough to eat then spread them all back out again. It takes a lot of time to plan your shopping schdule. Craig and I started shopping at midnight at the Outlet Mall and just went from there. The Greats spent the night with the kiddie widdie's while we shopped til we dropped!!!

Our Family

It has been quite awhile since we had a family picture taken so we thought it was about time. We had lots of fun at the park!!!

Monday, November 12, 2007

A Trip On The Train

Tyler is in love with trains so we thought it would be fun to go on a little ride. We rode the train from Hanford to Fresno (about 30 minutes). When we got to Fresno we took a little walk and found a Quizno's. We had some dinner and then rode the train back to Hanford. The kids had so much fun!! Tyler thought the train was so cool!! He cried when we tried to put him back in the car to come home. The only thing that saved us was the Thomas the Train movie we were watching in the car!

Friday, November 9, 2007

Primary Program

We had our Primary Program at church the last weekend of October. The girls worked very hard learning their parts and looked so pretty so we had to take some pictures. Of course Tyler wanted to be in it too!!

Fresno State vs. Boise State

After the fun assembly with the girls we celebrated by going to a football game!! Craig had a hard time knowing who to go for. Of course Fresno was slaughtered!! Oh well, we had lots of fun anyways. That could of been due to the fact that we left Tyler with Jen (thank you Jen & Nino, we love you)!!!

Student of The Month

Our girls are so cool!! The month of October they both received Student of the Month Awards!! They both got to have lunch with their teachers on the stage with very cool decorations plus ice cream sundaes for dessert. Sari also got to go out to breakfast with her teacher, principal and vice principal. We are very proud of both of them!!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Pumpkin Time

We had lots of fun at the Pumpkin Patch picking out our pumpkins. First the kids went through the Mini Maze then we all went on a hayride. It was a hard choice for the kids which one to pick but we finally found the perfect pumpkins. That night for family night we got to carve pumpkins with Ezra, Mikey & Brooklyn. As you can see from the pictures the kids didn't do very much of the actual carving, but we all had fun nonetheless!!!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Riding Quads

We had lots of fun at Jawbone Canyon riding Quads!! Craig and the girls are convinced we need to buy some for ourselves!! They are still working on me.

Welcome!! October 21, 2007

Ashlie & Mom Ashlie & Dad
After the party checking out the candy!!
Looks like Ash has been enjoying her candy!
Tyler with the remains of a cupcake, donut and sucker on his face!! He was happy!

Hello Everyone!!!

Welcome to our new page. I thought this might be a fun way to keep everyone up to date on what our gang is doing!!! Hope you enjoy, make sure and let me know what you think!! I added a few pictures from a Halloween Party we went to last night! Melissa