Friday, December 10, 2010

Carving Pumpkins

This year we enlisted Sari's help on carving pumpkins. She's been a little too big to participate the last couple of years but this year Craig had to stay over at work and so Sari got to help! She helped Tyler with his and he was quite specific how the face should look. She did her best to draw on the face with a marker and then he did the carving. I got to help Ashlie who picked a design out of a pattern book!

Sari and Woogi

The lady that Sari takes riding lessons through was in need of a new horse. And not just any horse but one that would be specifically for Sari to use for her gymkhanas. So Sari and Jennifer went up north and found this sweet 4 year old. Her name is Woogi! Sari and Woogi are an excellent combination because Woogi doesn't know how to do the events so Sari is having to work extra hard on her leads and such to teach Woogi how to do the events properly. So far Sari and Woogi are doing an excellent job together!!!

Carnival Time

Every year at our Elementary School we have a school carnival. This year they had some really cute cut outs where the kids could stick their heads and take pictures! I thought these turned out sooo cute!!!

Tyler & Max

I found Ashlie reading a story to Max and Tyler one day! I thought it was so cute that they had so many different positions during one story lol!

Tyler's New Glasses

Every year we do our yearly eye exams and every year Ashlie leaves upset because she doesn't need glasses. Well, this year was no exception, until we found out at Tyler's appointment that he DID need glasses! So now Ashlie is the only one in the family that does not wear glasses - she doesn't really like that!
Tyler on the other hand loves his glasses. He always tells us how much better he can see with them! Poor guy - I never realized how hard he was working to see things! The first day he kept wanting to take them off because they were bugging him, but by the 2nd day we have not had a bit of problems with him wearing them!