Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sari get's an award

Sari scored big at the awards assembly at the end of the school year!!!

Papa & Tyler Campout

This year Craig had to work for the father son campout so my dad took Tyler. Tyler had lots of fun with papa!!! My dad had to actually wake him up to go eat breakfast :)

Helicopter Tour

Everyone loves to go see Craig at the helicopter :) This is Craig and the kids with his parents who came to visit from Idaho.

8th Grade Promotion Dance

I was in charge of the 8th Grade Promotion Dance at Sari's middle school this year. That was a lot of fun but oh so exhausting! There were 2 of us there from basically 8 am until clean up finished about 9pm. We had some helpers in and out through the day but definitely very tiring! But the kids had a great time - especially Sari which is what makes it all worth it :)

This is a picture of Sari and her friend Heidi who came to help her mom (Heidi is a year older than Sari)


Tyler got an insect watch for Easter and so his first "pet" was Snaily the snail :) Snaily actually survived the watch for about 4 days when finally he would not come out of his shell anymore.

PTA Convention

In April I had the opportunity to go to the PTA convention in Long Beach with my good friend Debbie. We had a blast but were soooo tired!!!