Thursday, April 22, 2010

Sari's Gymkhana

It is the beginning of a new Gymkhana year for Sari and we started out at a new location! Unfortunately, last year the association we were with started breaking some pretty major association rules and so we decided to not attend there anymore! We found a new association in Bakersfield and Sari was able to compete in one of their Gymkhanas! Instead of the normal 3 events they have 6 events at each of their meets! Wow!!! Sari has been working hard on her riding, most weeks she rides two times instead of just once. And her hard work definitely paid off!!! She placed 1st in 3 different events, and also received a 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place score!!! She rocked her group!!! Way to go Sari!

Drywall Contractor Tyler

I have tried to arrange my physical therapy appointments around Craig's schedule, but there have been a couple of times that have just not worked. So Tyler got to go to work with Papa for about 5 hours! Tyler was so excited to ride in The Diesel! He doesn't think my mom's diesel truck is very good because it isn't loud lol! But Papa's truck, that is cool!!! We got his seat loaded in the back seat of the truck and off they went with Tyler beaming from ear to ear! They checked on a few jobs and had to deliver some material to another job! That required a stop off at the supply store so Tyler got to go in and meet all of Papa's friends! They gave him a new hat and a clip on tape measure! Papa and Tyler even stopped at the gas station for "snacks"! Those consisted of Spicy Fries and Root Beer!!! So, Tyler came home, eventually, very dirty, and extremely happy! He had so much fun with Papa! He didn't put his tape measure down for almost a week! He even slept with it, and he measured EvErYtHiNg in sight!!!

What a fun day and what a fun memory for Tyler and Papa!!!


Easter Morning was spent relaxing in bed, eating candy, and watching General Conference on tv! Could not have asked for a better way to start such a beautiful day! After conference we showered and headed over to my sisters for a family Easter dinner! We had a great time and the kids (especially Tyler) had a blast doing the Easter Egg Hunt!!!

Easter Egg Coloring

We decided to take it easy this year on Easter Egg coloring and dropped in at my sister's house for the actual coloring process! It was hard enough just to boil the eggs and transport! Sari is much to big for those kinds of activities now, but certainly not Tyler and Ashlie! They had about 3 dozen between the 2 of them to color and they had a blast!!!

I am Handicapped Legally!!!

So I've been driving (or being driven around) for 2 months and I have discovered that getting in and out of the car can be quite tricky if you don't have adequate room on the side of your car :) So, after prompting from friends I finally made it to the DMV (with Craig's assistance) and got myself a Handicap Plaque :) Of course its only temporary, until the end of June, but still! So, I've been using it for a couple of weeks and have discovered it comes in quite handy! However, now that I have one, all of those handicap spots that are always open when you can't use them, are now full when I can! Oh well, grass is always greener on the other side :)