Sunday, April 7, 2013

Baseball has started!

The baseball season has started once again for Tyler!  He is doing really well with his batting and catching and even his throwing has shown improvement.  It's funny because he still bats left handed but does everything else right handed.  Craig is going to try to work with him to bat right hand also so that he can switch.  Here are some pictures from his first day of games.  He is playing on the Oakland A's this year!

 He actually caught this ball - too bad it was during warm ups and not during the game :(

Beehives visit the Helicopter

I am over the 12 and 13 year olds at church and last week for our mid-week activity I took them out to see Craig at the helicopter.  They had so much fun and learned so much!!!

Tyler's 1st Motorcycle Ride

The battery has been dead since before Christmas on Craig's motorcycle.  It's been an extremely sad thing for the entire family because R6 is kind of like a member of the family.  This week Craig bought a new battery and got it put on R6, so of course that meant that all of the kids wanted rides on R6.  Tyler had only been on it a couple of times having to sit in front of Craig and basically just right in front of the house.  But this time we actually put the helmet on him and let him sit behind Craig and Craig took him out on the street.  He had sooo much fun but it was kind of scary to see him go down the road only holding on by his little hands. 


During our Easter celebrations I was able to catch some photos of the kids and I with parents, grandparents, great grandparents and great great grandparents!  I don't think you can ever have enough pictures :)

 My Great Grandma (Nannie) and I

 My Grandma and I

 My Papa and I

 My Mom and I

 This is a collage with Nannie, Papa, Grandma, Mom and I

 My Dad is being funny

 My Dad and I

 Collage with my 3 kiddos, my mom, my dad and I

 Sari and her Great Great Grandma Nannie

 Ashlie and her Great Great Grandma Nannie

 Tyler and his Great Great Grandma Nannie

 A collage with Nannie and I, and then each of the 3 kids with Nannie

 A funny pic of me and my dad

The Easter Bunny Came

Even though the kiddos are getting older we still love to celebrate the holidays :)  Easter egg coloring has become a bit less overwhelming though which I can't complain about!  Tyler is not into fluff and more about dipping and being done :)

On Easter morning though he was definitely more about collecting the eggs full of candy rather than seeing what was in his basket which was kind of funny!  I guess he likes his candy :)

 The Easter loot

 Tyler can't understand why the girls are digging through their baskets instead of collecting the candy filled eggs that are trailing the house :)

 The Easter Bunny always brings new toothbrushes - this year Tyler's plays We Will Rock You!

 Ashlie got new cami's :)

 Acting silly after church :)

 In line at Jen's waiting for the doors to open and the egg hunt to begin!

Tyler frantically finding Easter eggs.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Last Year's Dance Pics :)

So I FINALLY got someone to take pics of Ash in her dance costumes from last year :)  They turned out beautiful!!!  Thanks to the talented Miss Cindy!!!