Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sari get's an award

Sari scored big at the awards assembly at the end of the school year!!!

Papa & Tyler Campout

This year Craig had to work for the father son campout so my dad took Tyler. Tyler had lots of fun with papa!!! My dad had to actually wake him up to go eat breakfast :)

Helicopter Tour

Everyone loves to go see Craig at the helicopter :) This is Craig and the kids with his parents who came to visit from Idaho.

8th Grade Promotion Dance

I was in charge of the 8th Grade Promotion Dance at Sari's middle school this year. That was a lot of fun but oh so exhausting! There were 2 of us there from basically 8 am until clean up finished about 9pm. We had some helpers in and out through the day but definitely very tiring! But the kids had a great time - especially Sari which is what makes it all worth it :)

This is a picture of Sari and her friend Heidi who came to help her mom (Heidi is a year older than Sari)


Tyler got an insect watch for Easter and so his first "pet" was Snaily the snail :) Snaily actually survived the watch for about 4 days when finally he would not come out of his shell anymore.

PTA Convention

In April I had the opportunity to go to the PTA convention in Long Beach with my good friend Debbie. We had a blast but were soooo tired!!!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

5 Generations

Here is a picture of my kids, my mom, my grandma, and my great grandma.


We love Easter and the chance we have to celebrate the Resurrection of Christ. We love being able to chat with the kids and have special lessons about Christ and see how much knowledge they've gained since the year before surrounding this amazing holiday. And we still like to have Easter baskets and an Easter Egg hunt for fun. Here are some cute pics of the kids and their baskets.
Tyler had an especially fun time digging through his basket.

He was very excited over each little thing.

He especially loved the Tickle Ducky that sings and laughs when you tickle him.

Coloring Easter Eggs

Sari is still too old to color Easter eggs :(

The Helicopter and Train Ride

During Easter break we got together with some friends and decided to take a ride on the train. It just so happened that Craig was working at the helicopter that day so we headed there first and got a tour of the helicopter. Then we headed to the train station for a trip to Fresno and back.
With Craig at our helicopter tour.

Waiting for the train to come!

Tyler on the train.

At the restaurant after we ate.

Posing in front of the train in Hanford.

Tyler the Baseball Player

Tyler decided he wanted to play baseball again this year. He was on the Texas Rangers. Funny thing is, he still wanted to play left handed even though he has been writing with his right hand. He had so much fun playing baseball this year and he did really well at batting!

A Healthier Me

So I'm still on my quest to being a healthier "me" - in April I participated in my second 5k ever. My goal at this 5k was to jog the whole thing. I enlisted my friend Debbie to go with me and I managed to jog the entire thing. I was super proud of myself!!!

Guess It's Time To Update

So once again I've been a total slacker and I have a ton of posts to do to get us all up to date. I hope you enjoy seeing some of the things our family has been up to since last April :)

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Recent Tyler Quotes

"Wow that's awesomer than an eagle eating a dead penguin" said in reference to the fact that the wii remotes can be player 1 OR 2. Upon being asked what sounded good for dessert he replied, "Chocolate chip cookies with strips of chocolate across the top - that sounds better than a frog eating a bug on a tree trunk!" Said as sweet as a 5 year old little boy can, "It's so hard to choose whether to eat dinner or be hungry til breakfast when you don't like fruits and vegetables and your mom makes such bad food full of fruits and vegetables." As Tyler was getting dressed after his bath he says, "dad, where did you put my underwear?" Craig says,"they're right there on the stool" Tyler says, no they aren't. Craig says yes they are, I'm looking at them. Tyler says, "no you're not, you're looking at me"

What A Mess!

This is what happens when Mom relaxes and Dad goes to work on a Sunday :)

It Quit Raining!

So it quit raining one day and the next day it was 85 degrees! The kids thought they were going to die of heat exhaustion so out we headed to the pool! It did take them a few minutes to adjust to the cool temperature but they did swim for about 1 hour that day. And just a note, the hot tub was not heated when they were in it!

Tyler's a Baby

My sister recently moved and found our old backpack we had when Tyler was a baby. He decided to see if he still fit and wouldn't you know it he did lol! So Ashlie packed him around like that for about 10 minutes until she decided he was too heavy for her.

A Day Without Rain

The central Valley has received a record amount of rainfall this year! We finally had a day without rain so we took advantage all headed over to the park for some exercise and fun! Here are a few pictures we took!

Sari's First Acting Gig!

Last winter Sari auditioned for the school play. Before they cast the actors her drama teacher approached Sari and asked if she would be the Assistant Director working directly under the teacher. Sari was absolutely thrilled! She worked very hard every afternoon staying for play practice. She spent many weekends making and painting stage props. I was able to go to the opening night of the play and they all did a fabulous job. After the play was over they called Sari up on stage and gave her a bouquet of flowers in appreciation of all her hard work! She looked beautiful and did a great job!

Sari's Choir Festival

Each year in the spring all of the choirs perform for a panel of judges. This year one of the pieces that Sari's choir was performing had a flute part descant. Sari's teacher asked her to play that descant part on the piano along with the pianist instead of using a flute. You can't see Sari very well but she is there :) She did a great job, the part was not very difficult at all but playing in front of a panel of judges and about 15 other middle schools from across the valley is a little intimidating none the less. She did great and her choir got Superior's across the board from all judges on all 3 songs.

Birthday Pics

More pics

Opening presents

Eating snackies

Tie dye Cupcakes