Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!!!

Father's Day was a little weird this year. Due to other holidays (namely birthday and anniversary) and vacations that occurred in the middle, Craig had to work on Father's Day :( We normally would make him breakfast in bed of some sort however Sari & I both agreed that we did not want to get up at 4:30 am to fix him breakfast in bed! So we switched it around and did dinner in bed the night before :)

When Craig got home from work on Saturday we were all prepared :) Sari helped him out of his backpack and motorcycle jacket then slyly took him upstairs. She helped him onto the bed and fixed the pillows so that he would be comfortable. Then Tyler and I served dinner (Frito Boats) in bed to Craig. Kind of funny!

He said he had never before been served dinner in bed so it was quite the treat :)

He also decided he needed further relaxation so Sari took off his shoes and socks and he fully reclined on the bed as he ate :) He also got to open his gifts and cards early!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Ashlie's Dance Recital

Ashlie did a great job at her dance recital. She was nervous but very excited! We love going to watch her dance and see all of the fun things she has learned to do over the year. This summer she also gets to go to dance camp in Las Vegas. She is excited to go and do that. Here are a couple of pictures of her. One is waiting for the recital to begin and the other two are after it was over.

Craig's Birthday

We had lots of fun celebrating Craig's birthday today!!! So much fun that we are all exhausted :) In fact, we started celebrating yesterday. I made yummy cupcakes and delivered them to him at the hospital to share with all of his coworkers. I made Orange Creamsicle and Lemonade cupcakes and then made little party hats out of fondant to go on the top of each one. He says they were a big hit so I guess I'll take his word on that :)

We started the today out by serving Craig breakfast in bed. Craig is the ultimate pancake maker in our house, so I can never make pancakes again!!! We had to resort to french toast to make something yummy for him. The kids all got early with me to help me make it and it is a good thing that Craig is a sound sleeper because as hard as Tyler tried, he just couldn't be quiet :)

After we served Craig breakfast in bed I started working on his birthday cake. He wanted a Matrix cake so this is what I came up with. It's hard to see in the picture but on the actual cake it has codes all over it in green piping gel.

I treated Craig to a fun activity for part of his birthday present from me. It was so fun that I didn't want him to do it alone so I went with him. Any guesses from the picture??? We got pedicures together. Craig nearly fell asleep during the massage. I'm so glad he got someone who did a good massage. Sometimes they can be in a hurry but not today :) After our pedicures we went to Olive Garden and had lunch. Yummy!!!

For dinner we invited my family over and a few friends and had Craig's favorite (Sour Cream Enchilada Casserole). Afterwards we had cake and ice cream and did some swimming. This is a picture of Craig blowing out his birthday candles :)

Craig got lots of fun presents. This is one from Tyler. Tyler knows how much his Daddy loves to build train tracks so he got him his own package of tracks. Tyler was so excited to give it to him that he actually did it last night without permission :) So we re-gifted again tonight! He also got $$ to go shopping, a pre-ordered Transformers 2 Soundtrack, and movie gift certificates :)

We had so much fun celebrating with Craig!!! We are so lucky to have him leading our family. This morning while he was eating breakfast I gave the kids a little pop quiz about Craig. One of the questions I asked was how old he was. They got that one right. So then I asked what year he was born in, Ashlie said 1901!!! Craig nearly choked on his french toast :) We have so much fun together as a family. I love how well Craig interacts with our kids. When I'm the mean parent he is usually able to come in and smooth things over and keep things balanced out. He is an amazing person and tries so hard every day to keep us happy. The girls love it when people go to the ER because their Dad works there. They always tell everyone that he is the best nurse ever!!! And they mean it :) Happy Birthday Craig!!!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Fun Times

Last night I was taking Tyler upstairs to give him a bath. He was going up the stairs in front of me but instead of walking he was leaping like a frog up the stairs. I said, "Tyler, can't you just walk up the stairs like a normal little boy!" Instantly, the thought flashed through my head, he is being a perfectly normal little boy by jumping up the stairs! So I instantly rephrased, "Tyler, can you please walk up the stairs because you are making mommy very nervous :)" Of course by that point we were almost to the top of the stairs so he was kind enough to walk the last two steps :) What a good listener!!!

On the last day of school Ashlie got a water gun from her teacher and she has been dying to use it. So today I sent her out back loaded with water and told her to squirt away. Once we got her to leave the dog (Ginger) alone we suggested she try to write her name on the fence. This is how she did :)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Sari is a 7th Grader!!!

It is official, Sari is out of elementary school!!! I'm not really sure how that makes me feel :) Kind of old I think :) She had a great 6th grade year and we couldn't of asked for a better teacher. Here are a couple of pictures from her last day in elementary school!

Of course we had to start the day off with some yummy Graduation Cupcakes :)

Sari waiting on her graduation ceremony to start :)

Sari after she received her promotion certificate. She deleted the pictures I got of her receiving her certificate before they got posted :)

Woohoo!!! Let Summer Vacation Begin :)

Sari and Mrs. Hofer!!!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Ashlie Square Dancing

Today we went to see Ashlie at school in her Square Dancing Performance. She was a little upset because she didn't like dancing with her partner but by the end she was smiling. That might have been because Craig kept making rabbit ears over my head every time she passed :) Here is a little clip from her dance. They danced for 45 minutes straight!