Sunday, September 20, 2009

Does Heavenly Father have a car?

This morning Tyler was sitting beside me and we were just talking about random stuff. Whatever 4 year olds like to talk about. He loves to ask questions and he always follows the answer with "Why?" but it comes out in this okey long drawl sort of way :) So this morning he says, "Mom, I have a question. Does Heavenly Father have a car?" I softly chuckle and respond, "Well, no He doesn't have a car." Before I can respond any further he adds, "Does he have a sleigh?" Little louder chuckle, "Um, well, no He doesn't have a sleigh either" "How about a truck or a motorcycle?" "Well Bud, Heavenly Father doesn't have any kind of car or truck or anything like that. He doesn't need it." "Why?" Oh no, here we go. Lucky for me Ashlie joined in the conversation and got him distracted so off they went to play. Once Tyler starts asking "Why?" it can seriously go on indefinitely! Oh the wonders of a 4 year old mind :)

Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Family Proclamation

Each year at church we have an event called Craft Saturday. It is a day where the ladies can all come together and socialize and eat and do crafts. There are several different crafts that we can order and then work on that day or you can bring your own crafts from home to work on. This year we are doing a family book on the Proclamation to the World. If you aren't familiar with the Proclamation to the World you can view it in its entirety at Basically, it is our beliefs on what a family is. The family book we are making goes through the different sections of the proclamation and allows areas to put pictures that correspond with the different sections. I made mine early to use as a sample. I was so pleased with the way it turned out. Such a testimony of how important the family is.

Funny Little Guy

Tyler is such a normal little boy and sometimes I get frustrated because he can be so ornery, and then I remember that little boys are supposed to be mischievous. Sometimes we just sit back and chuckle at the funny little things that he says and does. For instance this morning he was sitting at the computer and he was trying to load some program and it was taking a really long time. He says to me, "Mom, I think the omputer is frozen. It doesn't like being so ice cold. It gets all freezing and needs a blanket!" So funny, we talk about the computer freezing all the time, I just didn't realize what that sounded like to a little guy :)

His favorite new word is "Why?" He can ask that question endlessly, and I try to give a decent response for the first 50 or so times he asks it to any particular statement, but then, I just get impatient and use the dreaded "Just Because, okay!" I try to be a good mom, but sometimes, "Why?" just gets the best of me!

I love watching him play with his toys. He loves to see how best to destruct things. Whether it is by him taking them apart, sending them down the stairs, driving them off the table, or simply crashing them into each other. And the louder the crash and the more pieces that fly off the better :)

He still loves his trains and plays with them all the time, but they are having some competition with a new love of Tyler's! He has discovered Batman! The trains haven't taken second place yet, but Batman is definitely taking up some of his play time!