Sunday, June 2, 2013

Tyler's baseball Party

We had a party at the pizza place where the kids all got a trophy and the coach spoke about each kid. He said Tyler was one of the MVP's!!!

My dad :)

Tyler's last baseball game

Well the season is over!!!

Ashlie's Choir Assignment

In choir they had to each write something about every person in their class. Then their teacher typed them all up and distributed them to each individual. This was Ashlie's sheet :)

Sorry it's sideways :(

Sari's Piano Recital

Sari had her Spring Piano Recital this week. She played a piece by Brahm's that she has been working on for a few months. She did a great job and received many compliments that evening!!!

Tyler & Papa playing marbles

Tyler loves to okay marbles and talk about them with anyone that will listen. He especially enjoys chatting with papa about marbles!!!

Tyler wants to go swimming

Tyler was waiting on Craig so he could go swimming. This is how he "wasted" a few minutes :) Our little Mozart!

Tyler's report

Tyler had to do a report on any kind of animal or insect of his choice for a school project. He spent 2 days doing his research and writing down all of nous notes. Then he typed the entire report all by himself!!